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Attorney Consultation and Expert Witness

By utilization of over 55 years experience and training in practically every facet of the insurance industry, I regularly assist attorneys with insurance matters.  This service is in the form of general litigation assistance and/or serving as Expert Witness. This support involves research, case evaluation, document and file analysis, or other special assignments.


Conscientious, impartial and prompt response is given inquiries. “Expert” opinions are offered after examination of appropriate documents and honest and firm opinions have been reached. Generally there are three criteria which must be met, before I will assume a particular position as an expert witness, including:


1.  I must be contacted.  (I can’t be of help unless I know of the situation)

2.  It must be in an area of expertise, with which I am comfortable.

3.  I must be firmly convinced of the position I am asked to assume

Experience As Consultant and/or Expert Witness in Insurance Related Cases, Primarily in the Eastern United States

1.  Retained for consulting and/or expert witness in over one hundred sixty (160) cases.

2.  Depositions and/or court room testimony given in over fifty (50) cases.

A more detailed listing of these cases, including courts involved and case citations, is available upon request.